Monday, 21 May 2018

Agricultural Buildings:-

Agricultural Buildings:-

Class Q of the General Permitted Development Planning Order

Last month the Government changed Class Q of the General Permitted Development Planning order to increase the floor area and amount of dwellings that can be formed within agricultural buildings.  This does include up to 3 no. larger dwellings with a cumulative floor area of no more than 465 sq m² or up to 5 no. smaller dwellings each having no larger than 100 sq m².  In essence the increase allows greater flexibility in permitted development rights to form dwellings within your agricultural buildings, the numbers unfortunately include any previous developments under Class Q, however, the definition of a smaller dwelling does increase the number of properties that can be included and opens up different scenarios for a mixture of properties within permitted development rights.
Those who have already converted buildings under the old Class Q now have the opportunity to add further conversions if they can meet the tests of the new Class Q definition.  The agricultural buildings have to have been in agricultural use on the 20th March 2013 and if they have been redundant since this date the agricultural use has to have the last use.  The Class Q still requires that transport, highways, noise, contamination, flood risk are all taken in to account together with whether the location or siting of building makes it otherwise in practical or undesirable for a building to change from an agricultural building to a new dwelling. 

Overall this is an improvement that can benefit agricultural estates and allows greater flexibility in the conversion of redundant or under used agricultural buildings in to dwellings that would allow the buildings to be sold, rented and converted or indeed provide accommodation for family members.  With this in mind a simple site visit can assess the likelihood of compliance with the permitted development rights 6th April 2018 to see if this can benefit you.

Those who have already converted buildings under the old permitted development rights now have an opportunity to add further conversions if they can meet the requirements of the new Class Q permitted development rights.  The amended development rights now allow for:
·         Up to 3 no. larger dwellings with a maximum cumulative floor space of up to 465 sq m².
·         Up to 5 no. smaller dwellings each with no larger than 100 sq m of residential floor space.
·         A mixture of larger and smaller dwelling houses with a total of no more than 5 no. dwelling houses, of which no more than 3 no. maybe larger dwelling houses.
If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us using our website

Friday, 14 August 2015


On a democratic vote in July, the Planning Committee at East Lindsey recently approved planning permission for a new, £ 1 million luxury static caravan park on Chapel Road, Ingoldmells. The site, which will comprise 45 pitches, for owner-occupiers only and open annually from 1st March – 31st October, has already been extensively landscaped with 4,000 trees and shrubs and will feature an attractive fishing lake and ecologically friendly clubhouse and office with play area in the middle of the site.

Owner/Developers, Ellis Bros (Contractors) Ltd and their Architecture & Planning Consultants, Ryland Design have designed the site to be sustainable and to enhance the environment, not destroy it. Spokesman, John Chappell said “We have a proven track record in providing new wildlife habitat and preserving existing, through our work at Skegness Water Leisure Park and this will be repeated at Chapel Road”.

The site will offer a high quality, low density, tranquil Park for the more discerning clientele. The construction phase will secure 20 jobs for up to five years and the site itself will create a number of full and part time jobs once open to the public.

John added “we have gone to great lengths and expense to design and deliver a high quality, attractive destination that we and the community will be proud of. Ingoldmells has been unfairly portrayed as “cheap and ugly” by travel critics and we believe that it is time to reverse that image once and for all”. “Ingoldmells is an economic powerhouse to the local area due to tourism and caravans and can continue to be so with the right investment”. “We aim to have the Park ready to open to celebrate our 70th “Birthday” as a business in 2017. We have only survived 70 years by investing what we earn in local jobs and local people”.

Whatever some politicians wish for, there is only one viable, successful industry here, tourism. More tourists will only come to the Coast if we up our game in respect of quality of accommodation, training, customer service and access and that is how we operate our businesses.

We want a chance to show the local community what a quality caravan park looks like. If any local councilors would like to meet us at Skegness Water Leisure Park, to show what we can do, we would be pleased to meet them to show them around.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015


Dear Followers 


As you are aware at Ryland Design we are an award winning Architecture and Planning Practise that have recently had a great deal of success in obtaining planning permissions for farmers and land owners to convert redundant farm buildings, either traditional brick built barns or even asbestos portal framed buildings to dwellings.


In April 2014 the Government created a new permitted development order which was intended to allow the conversion of farm buildings into new dwellings which was intended to increase the amount of new housing in rural communities by conversion of under used or redundant farm buildings. There are of course some hurdles to jump through; however, in essence the conversion of redundant farm buildings to dwelling is now permitted development. After years of land owners fighting the council to have redundant farm buildings converted to dwelling even for family members, this is a complete turnaround.


Planning permission can normally be gained within 56 days of the application to the council.


Yes, an application is still required; however, the presumption is now in favour of approval providing the criteria can be met.  


The key points are:-


·         Cumulative maximum area that may be converted is 450m² comprising up to 3 dwellings


·         Agricultural buildings for conversion must have been used for agricultural as part of an established agricultural unit on or before the 20 March 2013.


·         Conversion may involve partial demolition, however it is envisaged that the floor dimensions of any areas re-built is the same as the original.


·         Work must commence within 3 years of an approval.



In general this new permitted development order will allow farmers and land owners to no longer suffer the cost for maintaining buildings that have no use and instead are in the position to obtain planning permission to either sell off the barns with planning permission to raise capital or indeed develop and let the properties to keep control of buildings within farm complexes.


Over the last 6 months as a practise, we have secured the planning permission for 9 properties in the open countryside and have planning applications to submit over the coming months for commissions we have already received. 


Should you wish to know more about the policies and the way to achieve planning permission we will of course arrange a site visit to look at the buildings, you have in mind and advise you of fees and the application process in detail, and provide you with a written quotation at the outset to ensure that you are fully aware of the development process and likely costs.


We look forward, in anticipation on discussing this further with you.

Monday, 16 March 2015

New website

Hi all,

It's the beginning of March and those festive holiday thoughts about the needs for the future have lead to numerous calls we have visited many new clients over the last couple of months, which is always something we enjoy the collaboration of ideas between ourselves and the client, we will always listen to the brief of the client to make sure that we incorporate their needs and aim to make sure that they're needs are met and exceeded to the highest standard.

We have also met up with existing long term clients, which we believe reflects well on us because they come back to us time and time again. Either continuing with existing jobs or dreaming up new ideas for us to help bring into reality.

We are finally nearing the completion of our new website which in the company we are very excited for, a new and improved platform to be able to share our projects and entice you to enquire.

Our initial on site consultation is free so why not give us a call.

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Tuesday, 23 December 2014


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